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by Darryn Farrugia

Groove Perspectives is a workbook for drummers wanting to expand their vocabulary of grooves and time playing ideas in the Funk/Fusion style.




by Darryn Farrugia

When I released Groove Perspectives in 2003, it had always been my intention to follow it up with a play-along book - a product that placed my stylistic playing approach in a play-along context.

The Groove Perspectives Play-Along picks up where Groove Perspectives left off, by placing various grooves and concepts into a musical context. This book and CD package contains five charts, explanations of the grooves, and structured breakdowns of each piece. The accompanying CD contains two versions of each track – with and without drums. Hear my approach, play the written chart, then apply your own creative ideas to the play-along version.

Moreover, this book is about playing music and having fun, learning how to ‘lock in’ with a backing track and play with a rhythm section. It will also give you a sense of playing behind a soloist and interacting whilst laying down a solid groove.  

The Groove Perspectives Playalong is OUT NOW. For more details visit or phone (03) 9482 3363.

The book contains exercises, warm-ups and ideas to help in the construction of a variety of interesting grooves as well as a large selection of patterns to add to your palette of time playing ideas. These include grooves based on Paradiddles, Linear Grooves, and Layered Grooves.

The accompanying CD contains 82 examples of various exercises, patterns, and grooves which appear throughout the book. The CD can be used to reference the dynamics and the overall style of the ideas presented in Groove Perspectives.

Excerpts from the book appeared in Modern Drummer Magazine in the form of 2 articles. Firstly in the September 2001 issue – “Linear Paradiddle Grooves” - and secondly in the January 2002 issue – Combined Paradiddle Grooves”.

Here’s what some people have had to say about Groove Perspectives.

"I had the chance to see and now work out of Groove Perspectives. I am so impressed with the fresh playing ideas and the ease to work on each pattern. The CD of examples really guides the listener. I open up to any section and start playing...and the fun begins! Very practical grooves with easy application to many styles of music!"
- Dom Famularo

"This is a fantastic book. Very useful and interesting funk patterns. I especially like hearing Darryn’s interpretation and groove on the CD. Very musical."
- Chad Wackerman

"…After mining the treasures in this book, you should become a better timekeeper, technician and all-around musician. Though geared for the fusion drummer, this book has practical applications for a variety of musical settings."
- Modern Drummer January 2005

"This is a very fine book by a very fine drummer. I loved the thematic structure of this book, very clearly written with concepts that develop logically yet musically."
- Rhythm UK 2006

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